Meet our 2019 - 2022 Library Board

Library Board member Sandy Taylor. Sandy Taylor (Chair)
I am honoured to serve on the Ajax Public Library board, having been a part of the community for over 35 years. The Library has always played an important role in our family life; from infancy, we enjoyed story time sessions and activities, regular visits to borrow materials, along with opportunities for study. As a retired educator, my students always benefitted from Library visits to research, borrow books, experience author visits and participate in various programs, including Battle of the Books. We are so fortunate to have a Library system that offers such a wide variety of services and programs!

As a former teacher/librarian, I have been a lifelong advocate for libraries. Libraries are the heart of the community, a place where people of all ages can meet, learn and connect in a safe and welcoming environment.  As Ajax continues to grow and become more diversified, we need to ensure our Libraries remain integral hubs in our town, providing resources and programming that meet those changing demands.

Library Board member Sepelene Deonarine. Sepelene Deonarine (Vice-Chair)
I sincerely am honored to be a member of the Ajax Library Board. I have been a member of our Ajax community since 1982, with outstanding voluntary contributions spanning many years. I was the Town of Ajax Civic Award recipient in 2016 which recognizes individuals outstanding contribution to the well-being of the community. 37 of those years have been as a Health Care Administrator and Community College Professor in Durham, eleven of those years directly in Ajax. Having been very fortunate to be involved in leadership roles throughout my career, I think those skills can be easily transferred to the Board of Trustee position to assist with the Library services strategic plans, long term goals and objectives. My love for the Library and the community togetherness has given me the opportunity to be an integral part of many Library services from an early age, learning, participating and volunteering locally and internationally.

I believe the Library is the hub of the community. It serves as a safe learning, engaging and gathering place for each community. Ajax has seen tremendous growth and continues to do so, the Library services are also expanding, in particular with our digitally and globally infused programs for all abilities. Given the growth of our Library services, I think is a very exciting time to be as a Board Trustee. I am a wife, a very proud parent and grandparent, and take every opportunity to have family time, laugh, and smile, eat healthy, exercise, walk in the annual Princess Margaret One Walk, and lastly enjoy my favorite hobby, travelling the world!

Library Board member Eesha Chaudhry.Eesha Chaudhry
Growing up in Ajax, every weekend for me was spent at the Library reading, learning, and getting lost in the magical world of books. The Library was my home away from home, which is why I am truly honoured to serve on the Ajax Public Library Board.

The Library has not just been a significant part of my upbringing but is equally important for the community. Our Library plays a fundamental role within the community, tailored to meet the intersectional needs of the wonderfully diverse Town of Ajax population. Whether it be the Library’s physical and digital book content, the meaningful services, or the many different events catered to youth, adults, and seniors, the Library offers something for everyone.

Providing a safe and accessible space for all to learn and thrive, the Library truly is the heart of the community. I am very excited to serve as a Trustee and intend to support the Library’s important initiatives and goals.

Library Board member Noel Green.Noel Green
I moved to Ajax just over five years ago after having lived and worked in several communities across Eastern Canada and Ontario - Whitby, Halifax, St. Johns and Pickering (to name a few). I was a library member in all those places and immediately set out to become a member of the Ajax Public Library.

The Library provides tremendous resources and a social outlet for people of all ages and backgrounds. As a retired Banker, I am excited to bring my depth of experience and business background to the Library Board, and am honoured to be able to serve as a Trustee to support the continued growth of the Ajax Public Library.

Library Board member Rebecca Hayes.Rebecca Hayes
I was raised in the beautiful Town of Ajax, and after being away for several years to attend school and begin my career, have returned here to raise my own family. From flipping through the card catalogue as a youngster, to baby singalongs as a new mother, to my child participating in the French reading programs, the Library has played a special role in every phase of life. I am so excited to serve as a Board member for the Ajax Public Library and be a part of one of the Town's most valuable public institutions. 

I have been a practicing lawyer in Boston and Toronto for nearly twenty years. My professional experience as inhouse counsel for a large financial institution includes interpreting legislation and regulations; handling corporate secretarial matters; providing legal advice to committees; and being a trusted advisor to senior management in support of their business goals while minimizing risk to the organization. I look forward to being a part of the Ajax Public Library Board and working towards the achievement of the Library's important mission and the fulfillment of its objectives. 

Library Board member and Regional Councillor Sterling Lee. Sterling Lee, Regional Councillor, Ward 2
I was taught at a very young age that the Library was my key to the world. For most of my youth, I would spend hours in the Library after my swimming lessons and be transported to the fantastic worlds of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. I’d solve crimes with Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys. I’d meet the fantastic characters of Roald Dahl and Stephen King. It was my love of reading that led me to take an interest in technology, politics, and ultimately pursue my degree in English Literature. I’ve always felt that no matter who you are, there’s a book in the library that’s destined to be read by you. In my case it was The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. 
Now in 2019, the role of the Library has evolved; though it still provides the key to the world. Moving beyond traditional books, the Library has expanded its content to digital media and graphic novels. Rather than just a place to read, It has now become a hub for the community; providing original programming and key services to students, seniors and new immigrants. I am incredibly proud to sit on the Town of Ajax Library Board and I hope to make our libraries as impactful as the libraries of my youth.

Library Board member Deborah MacDougall.Deborah McDougall
I have spent much of my life as a journalist and have a genuine passion for literature. My love of books began as a child in northern Ontario when the public library’s book mobile would arrive, creating a frenzy among kids in the neighbourhood. As I moved around the country to develop my career, I always maintained an active relationship with the library in my community.

As a Métis woman, I love the Library’s role in an increasingly diverse community. I also respect and appreciate its desire to keep pace with user needs in an ever-changing world. It is an honour to be appointed a Trustee to the Ajax Public Library board and I am eager to serve our community.

Library Board member Douglas Miller. Douglas Miller
I have been a resident of Ajax for over 44 years, married with three grown children, all using the Library during their school years. I have been an active volunteer in the community, including Big Brother Big Sisters of Ajax Pickering, United Way, and Ajax Pickering Hospital.

As a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA-CGA), I have worked in financial roles for over 45 years. My last 15 years was with the Ontario Hospital Association, a not-for-profit association of the 262 Ontario hospital sites, with the most recent role as Chief Financial Officer. Currently retired, I enjoy reading, woodcarving, and biking the Waterfront Trail.

I look forward to serving as a Board member of the Ajax Public Library. I believe in the importance of the three Ajax Library sites, which serve the many unique needs and interests of our diversified community. Through my Board role, I will ensure the delivery of programs and services that reflect the long range goals and strategic objectives of the Library.

Library Board Chair Matthew Tapscott.Matthew Tapscott
As a proud resident of Ajax since 1987, it is a privilege and an honour to be appointed a Trustee to the Ajax Public Library Board. Over the past 27 years the Library has continued to meet and exceed my changing needs. 

Our Library is an integral part of our community. It’s not only a place for discovery and learning, it also provides a tremendous place for meeting, sharing and collaborating with colleagues, friends and peers. 

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 10 years in public practice and industry. My career has provided me with a significant amount of experience in assurance, financial reporting, internal controls and governance. I believe those experiences will help me contribute to the Library’s strategy and vision to ensure we meet our goals.