If you are interested in an item that Ajax Public Library does not have, we can request to borrow it from another Ontario library on your behalf. InterLibrary Loans require an InterLibrary Loan account and a valid Ajax Public Library card. 

What is available through InterLibrary Loan?

  • Books, DVDs, audiobooks, music CDs, and microfilm formats;
  • Items that are more than one year past publication or release date;
  • Materials such as reference (not available for check out), video games, or digital content are not eligible for InterLibrary Loan. 
  • Items are only available for InterLibrary Loan at the discretion of the owning library.

How do I make an InterLibrary Loan Request?

  1. Request an InterLibrary Loan account if you do not already have one (see below).
  2. Sign in to your InterLibrary Loan account with your provided User ID and password.
  3. In the Authentication Service menu, select "Ajax Public Library".
  4. In the Current Profile menu, choose "SOLS Toronto/Kawartha/401 Area".
  5. Enter keywords from the title and/or author. If there are no matches, you can continue to search other areas in the Current Profile menu.
  6. Select Get It! to place your request.
  7. Click Submit to finish processing your request.

How can I track my ILLO requests?

  • View the status of your ILLO requests by selecting My Requests when logged into your InterLibrary Loan account
  • Requests will show as processed, shipped, or received. 
  • Requests may be cancelled if the item can be found at Ajax Public Library, or the loaning Library is unable to send the item. Please do not resubmit requests that have been cancelled. Please contact us to find alternative ways to get the material you are interested in.

How will I be notified my item is available?

  • You will be notified your item is available for pick-up via your usual preferred communication method: telephone, email, or text. 
  • Items not picked-up within 5 days will be returned to the loaning library. 

Additional InterLibrary Loan Information

  • Items may take several weeks to arrive from the owning library. We cannot provide estimated arrival times. If you have a deadline for receiving the material, please indicate this under special instructions when you submit your request, although we may not be able to meet timelines under two (2) weeks.
  • If you may be unavailable to pick-up your InterLibrary Loan when it arrives, please notify us so you can request an extended loan period in case the material arrives during your absence.
  • Due dates are determined by the owning library. 

Request an InterLibrary Loan Account

Please email us and include:

  • Your first and last name;
  • Library card number, and;
  • Preferred pick-up location (Main, Audley, or McLean Branch). 

Questions about InterLibrary Loan? 

Contact us via phone 905-683-4000 ext. 8840 or email.